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Crawford Creek Designs: Where It All Began

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Hi everyone! First and foremost, we want to thank you for popping by our site! We’re grateful that you’re here and humbled that you’ve landed on this page wanting to know more about how Crawford Creek Designs came to fruition.

Our family originated from Peace River, Alberta. We were surrounded by rolling hills, prairies and green leafy forests and while we loved it for a number of years, everything changed when we piled our family into a rickety RV and made our journey to British Columbia for a quick vacation one summer.

Crawford Creek Designs Where It All Began

Where It All Began

We remember driving through the mountains with it’s gorgeous cedar and pine forests, noticing how beautiful and pristine everything was. We remember driving until we found a lake, we all piled out of the RV and rushed to the water. We were shocked to see how crystal clear the water was and were blown away that we could see the rocks below the water! In Peace River, even though the mighty river and valley was beautiful the water ran silty brown and there were few sandy beaches like the ones in BC.  So, needless to say, we felt like we just took a trip to some hidden tropical paradise.

For years after that trip, we continued to head to BC for our family vacations and it didn’t take long before we started tossing the idea around of packing up our family and making the move to Vernon. After some back and forth (and convincing our two daughters!) we finally made the leap and moved to the sunny Okanagan in 2002.

The Move to British Columbia

The move was a bit tough on us at first as we quickly realized it was quit difficult to land a job in Vernon without knowing someone! To our surprise, it was all about “who you know” and frankly, we knew no one! We hustled to make ends meet and found jobs that supported our family after a few stressful weeks (which felt like months!). Phew, dodged a bullet there!

After working the daily grind for many (MANY!) years, our creative desires started to kick in. We wanted to create things and start our very own business. Our interests and strengths complemented each other’s nicely and what started off as a hobby beautifully snowballed into Crawford Creek Designs.

Crawford Creek Designs is Born!

When Crawford Creek Designs first launched we rolled out our online store on Etsy and we made all sorts of things ranging from driftwood art, wine racks, garden markers, and made the odd serving board (we’ll admit, our boards have come a LONG way since then! ?).

Crawford Creek Designs Where It All BeganCrawford Creek Designs Where It All BeganCrawford Creek Designs Where It All BeganIt’s taken a few solid years and lots of trial and error to build our niche. We pride ourselves on handcrafting heirloom serving and cutting boards and hope that these boards in which we pour our blood (well, no fingers have been lost … yet!), sweat, and tears into will be passed down from generation to generation. Our handmade boards and kitchen tools are made with the intention to bring families closer together. To encourage those fireside chats, family dinners, re-living the good ‘ol days, and ultimately give you the feeling that you’re always headin’ home.

All of our products are made from wood that is locally sourced from family-run craft mills, reclaimed, or salvaged. We also love to work with short ends and unusual limited pieces which we shape into boards using the stunning natural defects and elements to complement the end result.

Crawford Creek Designs Where It All BeganWe’re really proud of how far we’ve come and are excited to see how our brand grows and evolves with time. We are incredibly humbled by the amazing support we have received over the years and it feels like a dream come true to officially have our own website up and running and to be able to share our story and products with folks like you!

The Crawfords

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