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Hardwood Cutting Board with it’s beautifully unique shape and silky smooth finish is perfect as a gorgeous cutting board or wine and cheese serving platter.  Rustic, yet chic, this Eastern Hard Maple board looks fabulous for staging or wonderfully serve those wine and cheese nights with good friends.

This handcrafted chopping or serving board is the perfect addition to your kitchen accessories.

The curtain look, amazing grain and the shou sugi ban (burnt) edges on this board gives it an exquisite look.

Completely finished both sides with organic natural wax and food safe hemp oil, so you can use either side. This rustic board is stunning as a display board for all your special occasions, weddings, gifts, or holiday’s.

This cutting board with it’s integrated handle hole, complete with leather strap can be hung out of the way or on display for restaurant decore, winery decore or gifts, or just beautiful to have in your own home.

Locally sourced short ends are collected and then handcrafted into this unique wood cutting/serving board.

* 8 7/8″” wide x 11 5/8″ long                      7/8″+ thick
* Approx weight 1.5 kg

We only have one of this board in stock so if you’re liking it, why not buy it today.

Additional information

Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 5 cm


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