*SOLD* Maple and Resin Barbeque Scraper


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Maple and Resin Barbeque Scraper would make a wonderful gift with it’s very cool teal resin accents.

***Please Note: All of our Barbeque Scrapers will look very similar to the ones shown in the photo’s but may not be identical!   Thank you!

All of our Barbeque cleaning scraper are handcrafted using locally found hardwood end cuts, short ends, reclaimed or repurposed wood. This barbeque scraper is great for cleaning your grills before or after cooking up your favourite recipes but more importantly, without the worry of dangerous wire bristles.

It’s certainly very easy to use and clean, it also comes with a long 16 – 18″ handle to keep your hands safely away from the heat.  All bbq grill scrapers come preseasoned using natural hemp oil and a convenient strap to hang out of the way!

The strong handle is finished very smooth for a great feel with no splinters.

Get yours today and stop worrying about dangerous wire bristles.

Safest Way to Clean Your Grill
Prep Scraper for Use:
Start with hot grill, work the scraper front to back on
hot grills using slow, firm pressure to start forming grooves,
making sure to keep it in the same grooves. Once grooves
are formed, your new BBQ scraper is ready to use and heat
will no longer be required. Use your BBQ scraper to clean
tops and tapered end to clean between grates, worry-free,
dangerous wire bristle-free, safest way to clean your
barbeque grill. Optional Uses: Dip scraper in water and rub
on grill to steam clean grills or dip end in cooking oil, rub on
grill as if cleaning to season. Local sustainably harvested
wood, food safe hemp oil finish.

Length  17 1/2″
Width 3 1/4″
Thick  7/8″
Weight .5 # +

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 55 × 14 × 5 cm


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